Why Choose Minnick Roofing?
  1. Are You Reliable?
    We have installed approximately 70,000 roofs with over
    30 years of experience. Please ask anyone on our list of references who will confirm we do our work in an orderly and efficient manner.
  2. What Size Company is Minnick Roofing?
    We are an above-average sized roofing company. We inspect jobs on a regular basis to ensure the job is progressing smoothly. We are large enough to ensure a customer quality service and state of the art equipment and small enough to ensure a customer doesn't get "lost in the shuffle". We do re-roofing work and we repair everything from individual homes to large commercial projects.
  3. Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
    Yes, our policy is with an "A" rated carrier who is reliable and will be around if any problems should arise and additional insurance is provided upon request. We have a $1.0M general aggregate coverage and $1.0M each occurrence. Our policy is "occurrence" rather than a "claim made" policy which protects both parties into the future. Roofers are notorious for either not having liability coverage or having coverage with a company that disappears when claims arise. This is an important issue to protect both you and the contractor. You should get proof of liability insurance before work commences.
  4. Do You Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?
    Yes, this ensures that if anyone working for Minnick Roofing injures themselves, their medical costs and income is paid by the carrier. Neither you or Minnick Roofing are liable for any damages. You should get proof of this insurance before work commences.
  5. What Do You Do About Lien Notices?
    We have excellent credit and no suppliers send preliminary lien notices to our customers. Consequently, you do not have to worry about having a lien put on your home. Our own employees load the majority of our materials.
  6. What About Permits?
    We take out permits for every job we do and coordinate with the building departments to ensure inspections are completed on schedule.
  7. What Warranties Do You Give?
    We give our standard 2-3 year warranty. We can provide and additional warranty up to 5 years with a maintenance program.
  8. What Types of Roofs Do You Install?
    Virtually all roofing materials. Everything from Gerard Steel Tile, Concrete Tiles, Elk, treated wood premium shakes, a full line of composition shingles and a variety of flat roofing systems. We do new construction as well as re-roofing work.
  9. Do You Clean Up The Job Site?
    We keep your property tidy on a daily basis and at the end of the job ensure there is no sign of the construction work that was just finished. If we are tearing off your roof, debris is unavoidable. You should ensure all property is correctly protected. It is our goal to leave your property in the same if not better condition than when we arrived to do the project.
  10. Do You Replace All Flashings?
    We replace all valley metal and collars around pipes and vents.
  11. Do You Have an Office Secretary?
    Our secretary is in the office from 8:00am to 4:30pm daily. Please stop by and visit our facility and warehouse.
Prior to Signing a Contract:
Make sure you . . . .
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