"I am writing to thank you for excellent work on my rental property in Fresno. I originally contacted your company in the middle of the rainy season after a roof replacement had been botched by a previous roofing contractor. I received a prompt and complete estimate and found Sam helpful and professional in all our contacts. Although unhappy to learn the work needed to be entirely redone, I was soon won over by his competent and pleasant manner. The work was completed well in advance of the promised date with thorough clean-up of the yard and appears to be of the highest quality. In addition, the company has gone out of its way to be supportive in my effort to seek compensation from the previous contractor."

"In closing, I wish to offer a personal note regarding the possible costs of a low bid. In my case, these included damage to carpets and ceilings, alienation of tenants, and time-consuming legal involvement for dubious return. Although your bid was not the cheapest, the slightly higher cost was more than offset by the quality of the workmanship, and your professionalism made it a bargain."

"Please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to serve as a reference for other customers."


John Ensign, Santa Rosa, California

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